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New leadership demands call
for new leadership development.

Imagine your leaders skillfully equipped to engage and inspire their teams. Team members feel heard, valued and expertly guided to do their best. And the leaders are invigorated by a sense of purpose.

Those are the stories of your success we at StoryNow strive for each day.

We offer consulting, training and individual and group coaching to boost your leadership development efforts (from internal efforts to entrepreneurial accelerators to fellowship programs).

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Do you desire to help your leaders more authentically connect with their teams?
Empathy, deep listening, curiosity and self-reflection are super powers to help leaders engage others and grow. Story is the surest way to help our brains and bodies access those superpowers.


At StoryNow we equip leaders to thrive in today’s reality. Story is not only the most potent way to inspire action, the skills involved are the foundation to authentically connecting with and leading others. Curiosity, deep listening, empathy, resilience and growth-mindset lie at the heart of story. And these capacities are vital for successful and sustainable leadership today.


We use technology to supercharge the process and the learnings. With our patent-pending technology, we help our clients capture, scale, and implement strategic insights.

We also integrate Artificial Intelligence and other digital tools, so we can curate empowering content based on the real-time needs of the users.

Video storytelling-used

We are living in the Story Economy. Video storytelling is the attention currency of our day. With StoryNow’s customized platform and app, you can capture compelling video stories of your leaders’ transformation and growth.

The stakes are higher than ever for leaders.


of employees quit because of their boss.

When replacing an employee,
it can cost you about 50% – 150% of the employee’s salary.


of organizations report that leadership is lacking … according to recent study.


of millennials believe they aren’t being fully developed as leaders by their employers.

You want to support your leaders. Now more than ever.

Our greatest joy is for you and your leaders to thrive all the more because you have an expert companion on this leadership development journey. We are delighted to partner with you to help your leaders gain the added skills needed to succeed today. To get started, download our free Authentic Leadership Assessment Guide for leadership programs & individuals.

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A glimpse of our story so far…

With our customized StoryNow platforms and apps we’ve helped inspiring businesses and companies create stories to solve problems and advance their work.
Here’s a look at what we’ve created together.

We love our partners!

StoryNow has been honored to team with Wells Fargo Foundation, CARE, SHARE Charlotte, Healing Hands of Joy, and many others.

We’re developing new technologies to help you offer your leaders personalized support others don’t have.

Patent Pending:

Let’s make a difference for leaders together!

We can’t wait to connect!

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