Authentic Leadership Growth Assessment & Guide

You desire to grow in your leadership effectiveness and more meaningfully connect with others in the workplace and beyond . And…you want to do it in a way that doesn’t feel forced or comes across contrived . 

If that resonates, then you’re already on the journey of authentic leadership. The work of skilling – up will be well worth the effort. 

Imagine skillfully engaging and inspiring your teams. Each of your team member feels heard, valued and expertly guided to do their best. And you ’ re invigorated by a sense of purpose as you lead. 

Here are 10 key capacities to help you on that journey. These capacities can guide you in developing your own authentic leade rship style and increase your ability to meaningfully connect with others, yourself and the world around you. 

This self – assessment tool is designed to give you a sense of your authentic leadership strengths and areas where you desire to grow. Give yourself the freedom and respect to answer candidly. Rate yourself on a scale from 1 – 5 . ( 1 = Strongly disagree ; 2 = D isagree ; 3 = Neutral; 4 = Agree; 5 = Strongly Agree)