Help your employees go from burnout to belonging using the power of

story and technology.


An innovative pilot from StoryNow to better listen and gain strategic insights to create a more engaged,

diverse and thriving talent team.

Boost Engagement

Equip Your Leaders

Create a more Supportive Culture

This fall StoryNow is offering an innovative pilot to help companies better navigate this difficult season of burnout and turnover. Limited spaces available.



Goal #1:
Increase your employees’ wellbeing, engagement and Employee Net Promoter Score.



Goal #2:
Equip your leaders to have
meaningful conversations with their team.



Goal #3:
Get strategic feedback (in the form of short video stories, analytics, and a recommendations), to create a more supportive culture.


1. Pilot participants: 6 employees*, including at least one key leader.
(We recommend creating a diverse cohort or focusing on a team.)

2. Pilot duration: 1 month. 3 x 90-minute strategic story workshops and then a final screening of employee video stories for the cohort and a larger audience of leaders.

3. Deliverables:

  • Each participant completes a strategic storytelling framework.
  • 6 short videos of participant stories.
  • Insights on key criteria (such as employee engagement, Employee Net Promoter Score, well-being, inclusion and mission alignment) before and after pilot. This includes a pre and post survey along with a final report.

*Note, we are able to accommodate up to 10 participants with an additional charge.

Strategic storytelling can help boost mental clarity, heighten collaboration and expand contribution.

3 Sessions to Increase Engagement & Create a More Supportive Culture

Employee Story

  • Award-winning director guides employees in discovering their stories.
  • Deliverable: Individual story worksheet.
  • Aim: Increased clarity on current goals & motivations, obstacles & strengths, areas needing assistance & next steps.

Team Story

  • Explore lessons learned from interviewing hundreds of people around the world.
  • Deliverable: Team member story worksheet.
  • Aim: Expanded empathy and collaboration.

Employee Story

  • We look at where employees desires intersect with the company’s mission in these changing times.
  • Deliverable: Participants film their stories with StoryNow App.
  • Aim: Increased employee engagement and strategic insights.

Here’s a plan to help you keep and cultivate your
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“Working with the StoryNow team was a truly a pleasure and our whole team is thrilled with our vibrant, compelling and energetic videos.” Bleema Bershad, Director of Marketing Apparo

“I hope we will have the chance to work together again in the future. Your positive energy and enthusiasm is real inspiration!” Ludmila Malai, EU ProjectManager Dialogue Platfrom 

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