Your story inspires ours…

You continue to show up bravely and brilliantly to those you lead, your colleagues, family and friends during these intense years of disruption.

It hasn’t been easy. More and more has been expected of you. And yet, you desire to lead effectively and connect authentically. You are also committed to helping others do the same.

You are someone to root for— you are a hero to us.

We desire to be an expert guide and support to you.

So, what’s our story?

We love coming alongside great leaders (such as yourself), teams and leadership development programs. And we’d love to do this for and with you.

We believe the strategic use of story and technology can powerfully boost a leader’s growth and an organization’s success.

Here’s why:

We’ve seen the power of story. I, Tamara, have had the privilege of interviewing hundreds and hundreds of people around the world for award-winning TV series, docu-series and short films. I’ve seen story’s power to transform.

I’ve seen how story can create connection, provoke positive action, promote empathy and even change minds. And, I’ve also seen how—when individuals tell their stories and feel seen, heard and supported—it has the power to transform their brains and bodies.

I deeply believe story is one of the greatest—and yet, underutilized—assets we have. I know it, because I’ve needed it. When I was desiring to be a mom and interviewing brave youth—such as former child soldiers, trafficking survivors and refugees—it was their stories that inspired me to become a mentor. When in the midst of a vocational transition and interviewing Cuban entrepreneurs, it was their stories that enticed me to cofound this startup. Hearing other people’s stories been made me more resilient, more grateful and more motivated to make a difference. Story has transformed me.

We’ve seen the power of technology. I, Michael, have had the honor of seeing how technology can make businesses more lucrative, nonprofits more effective—and all the more–people’s lives better. Certainly, technology can be misused. It’s a tool, one you must guide after you create.
For 20 years’ I’ve had the fortune to create and guide technology tools—to architect software and develop IT systems. I have created, scaled and successfully exited with some of those tools. I have gotten to serve millions with those tools. And through it all, my passion lies in designing, building and delivering great products and solutions to solve complex business problems with great teams.

Technology’s power to help others is what has transformed me. And I believe it can transform you and your business.

We, at StoryNow, can’t wait for stories to intersect!

You inspire! Now, let’s make story and tech your superpower,

Tam and Michael and the whole StoryNow Team

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