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START HERE: 30-minute Complementary Consult

Book a call to discuss your leadership development goals and specific areas that you desire to integrate authentic leadership capacities and story to increase the confidence and effectiveness of your leaders.


Do you and your team desire to integrate authentic leadership capacities and story in to your program so your leaders excel in effectiveness, confidence and authentic connection?

OUTCOMES: This custom strategy lab is designed to provide you with clear next steps as well as a honed vision you and your team can be inspired by and execute going forward. (Strategy Labs are ½ day or full day sessions).


If you are asking these kinds of questions we have a consulting and training package that could be a game changer for your leaders.

• How can we better equip our leaders to communicate their vision and purpose with clarity and competence?
• How can we help our leaders name and maximize the growth they’ve experienced by going through our program?
• How can we capture and share the stories of transformation of our leaders to a broader community (internal communications, program funders, marketing, etc.)?

OUTCOMES: Your leaders gain greater clarity and confidence to share their purpose in ways that expand their influence and success. They learn a story framework that enables them to not only communicate their WHY story but any story needed to forge trust, create connection and inspire action. Not only will they be equipped to share their story of growth in your program, they will be empowered to film it. Both your leaders and your organization will gain video stories of transformation.


We are delighted to work with you to design and/or reimagine your leadership program to achieve your goals.


COMMUNICATE CONFIDENTLY, EFFECTIVELY & AUTHENTICALLY WORKSHOP – Your leaders will be equipped to articulate stories and engage conversations in a way that forges trust, creates connection and inspires action. They will learn a story – framework that can serve them throughout their career. This workshop can be tailored to address the most important conversations and communication scenarios your leaders must face.

AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOPS – We provide workshops on each of the capacities and integrate the power of story to heighten learning effectiveness and build communication skills en route.


• Curiosity
• Insightful Questions
• Deep Listening
• Empathy
• Sense of Purpose
• Growth-mindset
• Collaboration
• Coaching
• Compelling Communications

LEVEL UP: COMMUNICATING CONFIDENCE and AUTHENTICITY IN PERSON & ON SCREEN – This workshop guides your leaders to communicate authentically in person as well as on screen (whether it is Zoom or on a video camera for an interview). Your leaders will uncover their own authentic communication style that can transcend venues. They will also learn tips to maximize connection according to the specific audience and setting.


Rarely do you get to that next level of leadership on your own. You don’t get unstuck on your own. You don’t grow in the most important skills that enable you authentically connect and lead others on your own. That is not how growth happens.

And that is why we love coaching. We believe it’s one of the most powerful ways to mature and keep growing as a leader.

Our great joy is to see leaders go farther than they can on their own.

We offer both group and individual leader coaching.

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