We, at StoryNow, are a team of expert leadership and communication
consultants, coaches and trainers joyfully obsessed with developing high-
performing, connected and inspired work cultures. We revel in helping leaders, teams and organizations thrive.

As an award-winning director, published author, patent holder, startup founder and international speaker, I’m deeply energized by emboldening leaders to live a great story.

I revel in seeing leaders go further than they can on their own. That’s why I lead StoryNow and serve as an executive coach, consultant and trainer to a select group of clients.

Tamara Park

StoryNow Chief Executive Officer & Founder


StoryNow Story Consultant and Executive Coach

With over 15+ years of experience in television and media as a corporate spokesperson, news anchor, television personality and host, Heather is a master at helping leaders articulate and own their stories.

Lucy Rowell

Executive Coach, Trainer & Consultant, England

DR. Melissa Tate-Scruse

Mental Health and Leadership Consultant, US

Maria Kuznetsova

Executive Coach, Cyprus

Raquelle Zuzarte

Communications Consultant and Coach, US

Melissa Christensen

StoryNow Consultant, Europe

Dr. Kristin L. Daley

StoryNow Consultant

Clyde Calhoun

Innovation Strategist

Dr. Camille Endacott

Organizational Communication Researcher

Rodney Sharples

Leadership Strategist

"if you want to travel fast, travel alone.
if you want to travel far, travel together." african proverb

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